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Stephanie Lucie

Scagel Handmade by Dr. Jim Lucie

Scagel Handmade by Dr. Jim Lucie

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The authoritative book on William Scagel, legendary knifemaker and the man who is the father of the custom knife world. He was the man who started Bo Randall's interest in knife making. It is written by Dr. James R. Lucie, Scagel's physician, and the most knowledgeable authority on Scagel history.

This is an amazing book with over 150 photos of Scagel's life, knives, and other items that he made. Dr. Lucie spent over 30 years researching and writing this book.

This is a softcover reprint of the original hardcover book published in 2010. It is identical to the original book except for updated information on the inside cover.

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